art education

I think that art in general as well as art and cultural education in a broader context is essential in the development of people of all ages. All forms of art can give the tools for creativeness, self-expression and self-reflection. Making, viewing, contemplating or listening to art in a variety of forms has a positive influence on learning and developing of a person by addressing one’s imagination, the problem solving capacitiy and originality in thinking, or just experiencing beauty, for example. Therefore I think that art should be and stay included in the curricula of as many forms of education as possible and that the entry to art educational centers will stay easily accessible (also financially) to a broad public.
My work
As an art teacher, coach and coordinator to students and artists with mental, developmental and/or learning disabilities I focus on the individual process of learning and developing of the artists. The individual proces and needs in learning and artistic expression differ very much per person due to a myriad of factors but also due to the level of cognitive and emotional development of a person. Art and art making gives tools for personal expression and the development of visual thinking. It can empower a person and sometimes even give the means to exceed own expected abilities. Supporting personal growth and fulfilment of the students and the artists is my goal as well as creating and expanding participative possibilities in the society for these persons.